Barry L. Duman, Ph.D.
Forensic Economic Consultant

When it comes to the intricate and technical field of forensic economics, the testimony and analysis of a trusted and experienced specialist in the field can yield immeasurable benefits.

Dr. Barry Duman has more than 35 years of experience providing testimony in federal and state district courtrooms throughout the Southwest, focusing on personal injury and wrongful death issues as well as treating evaluation of fringe benefits, household service contributions and “costing out” of lifecare plans.  He has provided extensive analysis and testimony for both the plaintiff and defense bar.

Whether it’s calculating past economic damages or determining the present value of the future economic impact of an individual’s injury or death, Dr. Duman’s expertise can help provide the best decisions for you and your clients.

Dr. Duman can also be retained to review other economists’ reports and provide educational seminars as well.

Areas of Expertise Include

  1. Evaluation of Economic Losses resulting from Personal Injury or Wrongful Death claims including Foregone Household Service Contributions and Benefits
  2. “Costing Out” of Lifecare Plans presented by planners in support of personal injury claims
  3. Impact of employment mitigation on foregone earnings resulting from personal injury or employment related issues
  4. Trial Support for plaintiff or defense attorneys in litigation matters
  5. Review of other economists’ reports

Dr. Duman is also available to provide seminars to groups interested in the topics noted above.

Forensic Economic Consultant