Evaluation of Economic Losses

When you’re faced with the difficulty of evaluating a personal injury, wrongful death or malpractice case claim leading to economic losses, just getting through the obstacles can be a challenge.You have a long road ahead and it’s important to have an experienced guide to assist you as you navigate these economic issues.

Dr. Barry Duman has extensive experience calculating economic losses and the associated reductions to present value that have arisen as a result of personal injury, wrongful death, medical malpractice or wrongful termination.

Whether you need assessments for litigation, settlement deliberations or an expert critique of another economist’s analysis, you can be assured that Dr. Duman will complete his work timely and accurately.

Dr. Duman also assesses Foregone Household Service Contributions and Fringe Benefits to make sure your loss evaluations are accurate and complete.

Lifecare plan evaluation

Personal injury claims don’t just affect the present; oftentimes someone’s future well being is dramatically altered.

Dr. Barry Duman is an expert in “costing out” lifecare plans in support of personal injury claims. In doing so, he works collaboratively with the lifecare planner.

Protect your clients and let Dr. Duman help fairly assess and determine the present value of these lifecare plans.

Impact of employment mitigation

When there is a potential partial loss of earnings due to personal injury or wrongful termination, Dr. Barry Duman is able to evaluate these claims and adjust for earnings mitigation, when appropriate.

Litigation testimony

If your case ends up at deposition or in the courtroom, it is crucial to have the testimony of a respected expert witness when assessing economic costs and damages.

Dr. Barry Duman has testified on behalf of plaintiff and defense attorneys in cases throughout the Southwest for more than 35 years. He has given testimony in federal and state district courtrooms and his judgment, technical knowledge and insight is respected and has helped clients in countless cases.

Reviewing economists’ reports

When facing a major surgical procedure, it is often wise to seek a second opinion.  The same is true when it comes to forensic economic assessments.Dr. Barry Duman can review other economists’ reports to ensure their accuracy and make certain that your client is properly and fairly protected.

Forensic Economic Consultant