Curriculum Vita


Married to Dyana
Two adult children:  Laura and Jeff

Fields of Specialization

Forensic Economics
Macro and Micro Economic Theory
Comparative Economic Systems
History of Economic Philosophy
Economics of Developing Societies
Law and Economics

Education and Degrees

Ph.D.  in Economics, 1971, The University of Southern California
M.A.   in Economics, 1966, The University of Delaware
B.A.    in Government and Economics, 1964, The George Washington University
A.A.    in Liberal Arts, 1962, The George Washington University

Selected Listing of Honors and Fellowships

  • 2011 Awarded Professor Emeritus status (Economics) by Board of Regents, Texas A&M University System
  • 2004 Recipient of WTAMU Alumni Association University Excellence Award
  • 2000 Recipient of WTAMU Organized Research Grant to study “Privatization of Texas’ Prison Commodity Production”
  • 1992 Chosen for participation in seminar entitled “Chile: A Transition
  • to Democracy” by the Council on International Educational Exchange.
  • Seminar was conducted in Santiago, Chile, fall, 1992
  • 1991 Selected by The Scribes Chapter of Mortar Board as outstanding professor
  • in the College of Business
  • 1988 Elected to membership in Phi Beta Delta (International Scholars’ Fraternity)
  • 1986 Nominated for Carnegie Foundation’s Professor of the Year Award
  • 1986 Recipient of Organized Research Grant to study “Israeli Immigrant Absorption Policies”
  • 1985 Nominated for Alumni Award for Excellence in Teaching
  • 1982 Recipient of Teaching Excellence Award ($1,000 prize)
  • 1976 Recipient of Research Grant to conduct study in Israel
  • 1974 Recipient of Research Grant to conduct study in Chile
  • 1970 Participant in Rotary International Group Study Exchange Program to
  • Chile, South America
  • 1968 69 California State Graduate Fellowship
  • 1967 Elected to Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics Honorary Society)
  • 1964 65 University Fellowship, University of Delaware
  • 1963 64 Emma K. Carr Scholarship, The George Washington University
  • 1963 Elected to Sigma Delta Pi (Spanish Honorary Society)

Selected Publications

Application of the Newest Technologies in Education using SKYPE in the sphere of Mastering of Foreign Communicative Competence by Students of NNCI, with R. Khayrullin, Bulletin of Nizhegorodskiy Commercial Institute,  Vol. 17,  pages 232-236,  2011

Nizhny Novgorod:  Its Place in Russia Economic Development and Transition with M. Tsvetkov and A. Andrianova in Modernization of Russia:  Theory and Practice Nizhny Novgorod,  pages 95-97,   May 2010

“Employers Get Drawn Into IRS Effort To Collect Tax On Tips” with Darlene Pulliam, CPA    Practical Tax Strategies, Vol. 76 No. 6, pp. 345-351 June 2006.

Human Capital Returns From Prison Industry Investment and Production with Neil Terry and Knut Rostad.  Proceedings of the Academy for Economics and Economic Education, Vol. 7(1), pp. 81-84, 2004.

“Financial Performance of Prison Industry Production:  A Comparison by Sectors,” with Neil Terry and Anne Macy,  Proceedings of the Academy for Economics and Economic Education.  Vol. 4 (2), pages 19-22, October 2001.

“Informal Labor Markets in the Texas Panhandle” with Neil Terry in Midwestern Business and Economic Review.  Vol. 27,  pages 15-19, Spring, 2001

“The Efficacy of Prison Labor Production:  The Texas Wardens Respond,” with Neil Terry in Southwestern Economic Review.  Vol. 28 (1),  pages 159-167,  Spring, 2001

“Characterizing Day Labor in the Texas Panhandle,” with Neil Terry in Southwestern Economics Proceedings:  Selected Papers from the 2000 Conference.  Vol. 28 (1),    pages 29-32,  March, 2001

Book review of Eliezer Ben Rafael’s text, “Crisis and Transformation, The Kibbutz at the Century’s End”, Shofar, Fall, 1999

“A Veblenian View of Minsky’s Financial Crisis Theory,” with Patrick Kelso, International Journal of Social Economics, Vol. XIX, numbers 10/11/12, 1992, pp. 222-234.

Book review of T. Horowitz’s, “The Soviet Man in Open Society”, published in International Migration, Vol. XXIX no.1, March, 1991, p. 132.

“The Israeli Kibbutz Ulpan: A Critical Look at a Unique Method of Immigrant Orientation and Absorption,”  International Migration,      XXVIII, No. 1 (March, 1990), pp. 69‑78.

“Boom or Bust: The Texas Economy in Recent Decades,” with Patrick Kelso in The Economy of Texas, The Texas Council on Economic Education, Dallas, Southwestern Publishing Company, 1990.

“A New Legal Environment for the Soft Drink Industry and the Case of the Small Independent Bottler, Review of Regional Economics and Business IX, No. 1 (April, 1984), pp. 17‑26.

“The Foaming Success of the Soft Drink Industry,” Accent West,June 1982 pp. 66ff.

“How Small Independent Bottlers have Fared under Franchise Law,” Beverage Industry, November, 1982, pp. 121ff.

“What is the Economic Worth of a Housewife?” Accent West, January, 1981 pp. 51ff.

“The Kibbutz as an Alienating Force:  Women in Israeli Communal Life,” Land Reform, Land Settlement and Cooperatives, 1978, No. 2 pp. 36ff.  (This article was co‑authored with Mrs. Karin Renfer and was published in English, French and Spanish.)

“The Union and Its Relationship to Democracy,” Dekalb Business and Economic Journal, III, No. 4. (Spring, 1976).

“Land Reform in Chile:  An Aborted Experiment in Socialism,”  Contemporary Economics, 2nd ed., Milton Spencer, ed. New York: Worth Publishing Company, (1974), 638.

“Agrarian Reform and Its Impact in Chile During the Allende Years,”  Intermountain Economic Review, V, No. 2. (Fall, 1974), pp. 41‑54.

Several research projects in progress with colleagues at the Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Institute.

Dr. Duman has also made numerous professional presentations to legal, business and academic groups.

Other Research

Doctoral Dissertation:  Participation of Rank-and File Member in the Decision Making Process and His Access to the Grievance Machinery of His Union:  Including a Survey and Case Study of UAW,  Local 1531, Amarillo,  Texas.

Master’s Thesis:  The Development of Branch Banking in the United States Including a Discussion of Its Effect on the Banking System.

Foreign Language

  • Spanish

Professional Associations, Current and Past

  • Treasurer and Executive Board Member of the Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts (CPDE)
  • Charter Member of National Association of Forensic Economists(NAFE)
  • Congress of Political Economists (COPE)
  • American Economic Association
  • Southwest Social Science Association
  • Omicron Delta Epsilon (Economics Honor Society)
  • Southwest Federation of Administrative Disciplines
  • Society for the Advancement of Behavioral Economics

Recent Teaching Activity

Taught a course entitled “History and Culture of America including Related Economic and Social Topics” at the Nizhny Novgorod Commercial Institute, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.  Instruction delivered weekly via video conference and annual visitation to that Institute.

Recent Presentations

Improving Deposition, Arbitration and Trial Testimony presented with Rick Gaskins at the annual meeting of the Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts, Las Vegas, NV. March 2014

Reviewed Household Service Contributions Literature, Methods of Calculation and Criticisms of several different Theories presented at the annual meeting of the Collegium of Pecuniary Damages Experts, Las Vegas, NV.  March, 2011.

Professional References, Trial and Testimony Lists and Fee Structure available upon request.

Forensic Economic Consultant